Here’s a true story:

It was a phone message he’d never forget: “Call Beverly at Geffen Records” was written on the message board at home. His head was spinning.

“This is it!,” Inigo thought. “It’s really going to happen! Everyone’s going to hear my music and I’ll be famous.” Then again, it could just be a cruel joke.

So Inigo calls the number the next morning (yes, it is Geffen Records! Not a cruel joke!) and speaks to the woman who left the message.

“Hi, this is Beverly. I’m calling for Carole Childs in the Geffen A&R office (yes, THE Carole Childs – longtime A&R executive).” OK, now he’s getting really excited.

The years have faded from memory the exact dialogue of the conversation, but it went pretty much like this:

“We received your demo of ‘Just A Substitute’ and we liked it a lot. We don’t normally do call backs on unsolicited demos but we liked it so much that we thought we should let you know.”

Ahh, fame is so…



“…we aren’t signing your style of music at the moment. But Carole wanted me to let you know how much we thought of it and to keep trying. And thank you.”

It’s the closest Inigo has ever come to “making it.” But because of that one phone call many years ago, he’s never stopped making music.

Because it’s all about the songs. Not fame, not fortune. Just the songs. Always.


PR Media Stuff…

Armed with his guitars, a microphone, some choice drum loops and a bit of computer savvy, Inigo Figuracion has created another collection of songs which harken back to his songwriting heroes, yet evoke a sound that’s timeless and fresh at the same time. But unlike his mostly acoustic previous release, “I Hope You Like It,” this time, Inigo plugs in and delivers a collection of seven rockin’ power pop originals (and a cover of a Marvin Gaye classic, too) with his latest album, “Five Minutes More.

Take the pure pop of Marshall Crenshaw, the melodic wry observations of Squeeze’s Difford and Tilbrook, the power pop earnestness of the Goo Goo Dolls, the Gin Blossoms, and Cheap Trick, the rootsiness of Bruce Springsteen and the Wallflowers, the rockin’ soul of Motown and Hall & Oates, and, of course, his love of the Beatles, and you might begin to understand where Inigo’s muse lies.

A veteran of the San Diego music scene, Inigo has honed his musical chops over the years and has paid his dues playing on off nights, like most musicians. Through the years, he’s played on the same club circuit that has produced local musicians of note like Joey Harris, the Beat Farmers, and Gregory Page. More recently, Inigo has focused on performing as a solo act in the singer/songwriter vein.

Five Minutes More, ” like his previous release “I Hope You Like It,” has the versatile musician playing nearly all the instruments and singing all the vocal parts – the distillation of his admiration for the well-crafted, classic pop song.

The eight-track album takes a look at missed relationships, and it kicks off with the snarling desperation of “Sad As Me” and then rolls into the title track, “Five Minutes More,” a perfect slice of rockin’ soul.  “Upon Reflection” rides a riff of contrition, and “Parallel Road” is an ode to missed opportunity. “Someone In My Place” is about reluctant closure, and “Sign It Sincerely” is a pop gem about being OK with getting dumped. “In Your Heart” looks at saving a piece of your heart for the past, and the album winds up with the Marvin Gaye classic, “Too Busy Thinking About My Baby.”

Undiscovered? Perhaps he is but he’s no less deserving to be heard. There was a moment years ago when he was that close to being discovered and Inigo has never forgotten that nugget of positive feedback. And it continues to give him the inspiration to keep writing.

So give his music a listen…he hopes you like it. And maybe you’ll be wanting to listen for “five minutes more,” too.

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